About Polarity

Australian Polarity Therapy

We represent a group of Practitioners and Healing Centres around Australia who use the wholistic healing system and energy balancing techniques of Polarity Therapy.

Founded and co-ordinated by Naturopath & Polarity Therapist; Bruce Gibson ND., this website is an educational Service designed to spread useful and positive information about the Benefits and effects of this wholistic healing system.

Polarity Therapy was originally developed by Dr. Randolph Stone over 50 years ago and is based on both ancient “Ayur-Vedic principles” and the Natural Healing systems of Naturopathy, Reflexology and cranio-sacral balancing. Although Dr Stone died in 1981, his teachings expanded throughout the world through dedicated Health Practitioners and Natural Therapy Schools.

Although not widely known in Australia, there are groups of dedicated Polarity Therapy & Wholistic Practitioners who continue to use the Polarity System and its unique series of “hands-on” therapeutic techniques and energy balancing processes. it is sometimes also included in a relaxation Massage Therapy session or combined with another Natural Therapy modality.

The purpose of this Website is to inform a new generation of seekers as to What Polarity Therapy Is all about. We will continue to expand the articles and information on this website to meet your needs if you want to know more. Please bookmark this Site and return – or join our Newsletter service by using the “opt-in subscription form” on this page.

Contact Us if you need further information or are interested in a Polarity Therapy Session or Training Course.

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